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At the end of the 2017 I was extremely pleased to be made a visiting professor at the University of Suffolk. I will be working in the School of Health Sciences to continue my research and teaching in this area. I am very excited by this opportunity. 


I think I posted an incorrect link for the article. Here's the working link:


I have just published an article that brings together the research I have been conducting that looks at how we perceive 2d and 3d abstract art. Here's a link:


Jessica Schwarzenbach and I are back visiting the Psychology Department at Cambridge University. We have been here a month and are continuing our research into the measurement and understanding of avian cognition and behaviour. This research has two strands: the assess...


I recently published a commentary article in Frontiers. In the paper I explored and proposed a my approach to evaluating the data gathered by Shaw, et al, and published in their paper "Wild psychometrics: Evidence for ‘general’ cognitive performance in wild New Zealand...


Today I have published with Uta Jurgens an article on the stereotype of the Big Bad Wolf in central Europe. This article sets out the background to Uta's ongoing research into 'problematic species' and represents an important stage in her work. The article is on my art...


Today, Bernews ran a call for participation on their website. I am very pleased to say that I received 3 stories within a few minutes of this happening. I hope the responses keep coming in.


The islands of Bermuda have been chosen as the location for our study into the lives of the American crow.

There are several reasons for this choice, including, the islands hold a resident population of these birds that are relatively, or completely, indigenous. As the...


Here are the birds we are interested in:


This is another research project Jessica Schwarzenbach and I are conducting on Bermuda. Unlike the stories about birds on Bermuda research project, in The Behaviour and Status of American Crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos) in Bermuda study, we are collecting observations of...

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