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Book covers

The last three of my books that have been published have all featured covers in which the images and artwork that I have drawn or painted. I am really pleased that I have had the opportunity to create the covers to my books for a couple of reasons. First, I am pleased that because I was able to create the artwork for my books The books did not have generic covers created by the publishers. This originality is extremely appealing to me.A second reason for my pleasure with the covers is that I was able to create a cover image that I felt reflected the contents of the specific book. I hope to be able to continue creating the covers for my books, but I realise that this will not always be possible. For instance, I have a book that is going through the production process at this time. This book will appear in a series of books that the publisher runs. As a consequence, the book will have a standardised cover. I actually find this rather upsetting as I feel that books are total works of art and the cover should reflect the contents. I also feel the generic cover inures possible readers from exploring the content of a book they may find useful or appealing.

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